Our Approach

Time-Tested, Effective Approach

Here at Team PRTC, your vission is our mission!

Team PRTC has already produced thousands of CPAs for over 40 years in service to aspiring CPAs since 1977. The time-tested, effective approach will give you confidence that your vision is at arm's reach. Here at PRTC, we provide:

P-romising Lectures 

PRTC's lectures are meticulously designed to cover every critical aspect of the CPA exam. Team PRTC has over 500 hours on intensive class hours (and/or video lectures) and a moderate-based approach in teaching. Our modules are constantly updated to stay relevant with the latest changes in the industry and examination trends. We focus on in-depth understanding, critical thinking, and application of concepts, thereby fostering an environment of learning that promises high levels of comprehension and retention. We also believe in interactive lectures where doubts are clarified, and discussions are encouraged to enhance conceptual clarity.

R-easonable Fees

Here at PRTC, you get premium review at a discounted price! We believe that quality CPA review should be accessible to all. We offer our top-tier CPA review programs at competitive prices, ensuring they are affordable for a wide range of reviewees. Our fee structure is carefully designed to provide maximum value, without compromising the quality of review. We also offer discounts, flexible payment plans, and scholarships, to further ensure that financial constraints do not stand in the way of aspiring CPA's career paths.

T-opnotch Reviewers

Our reviewers are the cornerstone of our success. Comprised of seasoned professionals, scholars, and mentors, each reviewer brings to the table unique insights, expertise, and teaching methods. They come from diverse backgrounds, including industry practitioners, academic scholars, and successful CPA candidates, which equips them to guide students with practical and theoretical knowledge. Their unwavering commitment and dedication make them the topnotch choice for CPA review.

C-omprehensive Materials

Our review materials are designed to be exhaustive and detailed, covering every possible topic that could appear in the CPA examination. They are curated and updated by our panel of experts, reflecting the latest industry standards, academic research, and exam patterns. These materials include lecture notes, discussion problems, pre-board exams, and drills that will help you understand the principles and concepts needed for the CPA Exams in an effective manner.

At PRTC, we are fully committed to offering a holistic learning experience that not only prepares you for the CPA exam but also equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge for a successful career in accounting. Our promise, affordable rates, topnotch reviewers, and comprehensive materials combine to create an environment where your success is our priority.