Our Approach

Time-Tested, Effective Approach

Here at Team PRTC, your vission is our mission!

Team PRTC has already produced thousands of CPAs for over 40 years in service to aspiring CPAs since 1977. The time-tested, effective approach will give you confidence that your vision is at arm's reach. Here at PRTC, we provide:

P-romising Lectures

Be taught by topnotch reviewers with relevant certifications, accreditation, and experience. The six-month review class will give you the chance to learn from the experts.

R-easonable Fees

Here at PRTC, you get premium review at a discounted price!

T-opnotch Reviewers

Here at PRTC, we have CPAs, MBAs, Lawyers, CMA, Former BIR Examiners, Tax and Accounting Practitioners in our roster.

C-omprehensive Materials

Team PRTC has over 500 hours on intensive class hours and a zero-based approach in teaching. In addition, the comprehensive materials with lecture notes, discussion problems, pre-board exams, and drills will help you understand the principles and concepts needed for the CPA Exams in an effective manner.