Team PRTC Online Open First Pre-board Examination for May 2023 Batch (Feb. 19, 20 and 21, 2023)

Assess your readiness to take the May 2023 LECPA! Accept the Team PRTC Nationwide Online Open First Pre-Board Examination challenge! The examination is open to all reviewees (Team PRTC and others) and to all BSA students.

Examination Schedule

Note: Examination will be done Online via Akindi - Team PRTC's web-based test-taking platform. Watch this video to learn more: Team PRTC Online Pre-board. Online examination will be open only during the schedule above. In case you won't be able to take the online exam as scheduled, you may wait for the copies of the pre-board questionnaires on Feb. 23, 2023 with the answers and solution.

Registration Instructions

STEP 1: Pay the applicable examination fee as follows (Proof of payment is required to accomplish the form):

You may pay the examination fee via GCash: 09473275316 (Salvador Tan). Please write your Full Name in the Notes for faster verification of your payment.

STEP 2: Register in the Form: First Pre-board Registration Form.

Deadline for registration is until February 18, 2023, 5PM. Examinees will receive an email regarding examination details and other instructions.

Examination Coverage (First Pre-board)

Management Advisory Services



Regulatory Framework for Business Transactions

Financial Accounting and Reporting

Advanced Financial Accounting and Reporting

The phrase ‘other topics’ in the subject coverage shall mean to include all other topics in the CPA Examination Syllabi not expressly mentioned in the examination coverage and shall constitute, more or less, twenty percent (20%) of the questions given per subject. The questions/problems are intended to test your ‘stock knowledge’ on the topics. 

Team PRTC Past Pre-board Materials

You may register to Team PRTC's upcoming pre-board examination through this page. Also, you may purchase past copies of Team PRTC Pre-board examination for a fee if you want additional resources for your review. 

To avail copies of the past pre-board, purchase the copies from the links below. Mode of payment is via credit card or Google Pay. If you do not have either of those, please send an email to for alternative payment options.

Team PRTC Online Exam Platform

Watch how we conduct our online Pre-board Examination here at Team PRTC.